Dr. Wang and staff: This has been a wonderful and educational experience being able to see as I do now without glasses. Dr. Wang you are the magical instrument that God has sent to us! We are grateful! Thank God for this! I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for this unique and blessed experience, being able to enjoy the world as I do now. I actually feel confident! Just simply a wonderful experience that I want to thank you for!

Dorris Moore

My experience was wonderful with Dr. Wang. Needless to say I was apprehensive about surgery on my eyes. The kindness and excellent care prior to the surgery alleviated all of my fears. Dr. Wang said a prayer with me before he operated and called me the night of my surgery to check in on me. I am blessed to have such a wonderful doctor with a beautiful soul and love for his patients.

Jerrie A. Paone

Dr. Wang and his staff are amazing! The care and attention to every aspect of the visit then contributes to almost perfect vision for me only 24 hours after. To hear you r doctor’s voice constantly reassuring you and even calling you after a long day of surgery, truly shows the love and consideration of Dr. Wang. Thank you Dr. Wang and all of your staff!

Daryl Fritz

I went to a seminar to learn about the procedures available. It was very professional and informative. At the eye exam everyone in the office was very friendly and helpful; like family. Dr. Wang was able to perform the procedure the same day. Within two hours my vision changed from barely being able to see fingers held up to 20/20 without glasses! I am overwhelmed and grateful! God Bless you all!

William Decamp

Highly recommended Dr. Ming Wang and all his staff at the Wang Vision Institute. My experience with 3D Laser Forever Young Lens surgery (TN’s Only) was second to none and I am thrilled with my vision—free from glasses! Dr. Wang and his staff are top professionals in all respects. Their individualized caring approach is very helpful and they are very detailed and easy to follow. Anyone curious about a life free of relying on glasses on and off all day should seek out a consultation with Dr. Wang and the Wang Vision Institute. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Wang and his staff! Thank you!

Mitch McCreary

My recent experience with Dr. Wang has been excellent! The staff is very professional and very comforting both before and after surgery. I now understand why Dr. Wang is the highest recommended doctor for this type of surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Wang and WVI for any eye surgery. Dr. Wang is fantastic and I look forward to discussing and relaying my positive experience to friends.

Tommy Graham

Dr. Wang performed LASIK surgery on both of my eyes in 2005. I was able to toss my distance glasses I had been wearing for ten years. I had a cataract on the left eye not ready to remove at that time. Dr. Wang removed it March 8th, 2016 almost 11 years later. I can already see better and he says it will get better for several weeks to come. I would highly recommend Dr. Wang as he is the best in the business and a Christian man.

Hoa Brook

I had 3D Laser Implantable Contact Lenses on March 8th, 2016 on my left eye. Today is just the second day, but I feel so much better! My vision was really really bad before surgery. I had to wear glasses and contacts all the time. But now I already feel so much better on my left eye. I can’t wait until my next surgery on March 15th, 2016 for my right eye, so I can become a new woman with my new vision. Thank you Dr. Wang so much! You are amazing and did a great job making my life so much better. Also, thank you to his staff. They do a great job and are nice and friendly. I will definitely recommend somebody else to Dr. Wang. He’s the best eye doctor in Tennessee and in the world.

Tracy Pearson

Dr. Wang performed my cataract surgery yesterday and I’m so pleased compared to my previous surgery done elsewhere. The staff were the nicest people. Everyone took excellent care of me. After surgery I experienced less pain than my previous surgery. I felt very at peace during this transition. Thanks to the Wang Vision Institute and their staff. I experienced the best care!

Kristin McDade

All the staff at Wang Vision has been so friendly and helpful! I was nervous to attempt LASIK because my prescription was so high. I thought I would be lucky to have a reduction in my glasses. Everything went very smoothly and on my follow up I was reading 20/15 after 24 hours! I feel so thankful!

Linda Baker

This whole experience was nothing but positive! Everyone in the office is positive and welcoming. I emailed and received a very fast response form Haley and Suzanne. They answered all my questions timely and Dr. Wang is supportive and kind from the first meeting him at his seminar, through the procedure, and post care. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!

Lindey Clark

I have worn glasses or contacts for over 20 years. I was a high myopic patient and was told I could not achieve 20/20 vision with LASIK. The results exceeded our expectations! In less than 24 hours, I have 20/20 vision! I do not have to rely on contacts or glasses anymore. It’s amazing to wake up in the morning and read the clock. Thank you so much Dr. Wang!

Tommy Dugan

My name is Tommy Dugan I came to see Dr. Ming Wang after going to a seminar at Dickson Tn. I not only am 58 years of age in which everyone says your eyes start going bad. But also, about 25 years ago my right eye was blown out of my head by a battery explosion and also put my left eye vision out for 3 or 4 days before it started coming back slowly. Over the course of about six or seven months a different doctor finally fixed me to where I could see again but my right eye over time pulled my left eye down to where I could not read the phone numbers in a phone book. Well, after meeting Dr. Wang, he repaired the vision in my eyes. I didn’t expect to get this good of vision even though I wanted to best I could get. Now just a few days later, I can read a book and my far vision is good. I didn’t expect to be able to read a book without glasses again but thanks to Dr. Wang I have near and far vision again at 58 years old. It’s great and thanks to Dr. Wang and his staff!

Karen Griffin

I cannot say enough about Wang Vision Institute! I had an amazing experience from the beginning! I went to a seminar that he conducted in my town and the things he has done for people was amazing! So I decided to pursue getting my eye done by him. I underwent one of the newest procedures that he developed for people needing reading glasses. I have had very bad vision and the new technique he uses installing a little lens in one eye. There was no pain and by the next day I was able to start reading things I was never able to see without my glasses. Thank you so much Dr. Wang for giving me my vision back and thank you for the wonderful staff!

Rob Hubbard

The team was great! Everyone was very attentive and caring!

Louise Collins

I am so pleased with the results of my cataract removal. I wish I had done this sooner. Much improved vision; things are so much sharper and brighter! Staff and Dr. Wang are incredible. You should not hesitate to go to them if you have the need!

Darrell Ridgely

Dr. Wang and his staff were very efficient and timely. They helped me go from being blind without glasses or contacts to being able to wake up in the morning and see the tree limbs with clarity. I would strongly recommend anyone who can to have the surgery. Thank you Dr. Wang and staff.

Kathleen Shackleford

This has been a very pleasant experience! Dr. Wang is very personable and professional. Staff is very friendly and efficient. Instructions are clearly explained and easy to follow. Dr. Wang is great!

Dennis Stembridge

Dr. Wang is the most wonderful doctor and his professional staff was excellent in every aspect of the eye institute. From the eye professional testers, nurses, and all his professional team. The eye surgery was a breeze. Everyone worked as a team with a happy and upbeat positive manner. I couldn’t ask for any better care than how I was taken care of. I would recommend Dr. Wang to anyone with any eye problems.


My experience with Dr. Wang was an amazing experience. Wonderful staff, very friendly, very caring! As a Christian, it was so encouraging to have a wonderful Christian doctor who also prayed over me before surgery. His compassion was wonderful! I just can’t say enough about his practice and the wonderful staff he has. Not to mention, I had developed a cataract due to a surgery I had for a macular hole. Afterwards, I could not see at all, it was totally blurred in my left eye and after the surgery Dr. Wang did, I could see! I’m thanking God for such a wonderful doctor. I will be having a small cataract removed on my right eye soon! I am so glad to have come to him!