Wanda Trawick

Dr. Wang and his staff are all great! We have had a wonderful experience, and would recommend them to everyone!

G. Copeland

Dr. Wang is great! Love his personal touch! The office staff are both very efficient and professional. Post op instructions were clear and easily followed. Would always return to Dr. Wang for any additional procedures.

David Lassiter

My experience at Wang Vision was exceptional! Everyone was so polite and professional. I really appreciate the short wait times for my visits. The tests were very thorough and the procedure wasn’t any problem at all and went very quickly. I really appreciate the personal call from Dr. Wang the night of my procedure to remind me to keep my eyes closed the first day.


Dr. Wang and team were very professional in all aspects for taking care of my eyes. I only had one eye done for my case, but I will come back and have the other eye done when it makes sense!

Michael Murphy

My procedure and experience with Dr. Wang far exceeded any of my expectations. His practice is second to none. I was diagnosed, questions thoroughly answered and made to feel comfortable about what to expect. The procedure was painless, professional, and quick. I felt genuine care and comfort by Dr. Wang and his entire staff. I had the 15 minute procedure late afternoon, went home, no discomfort, and went to work the next morning. I literally and seriously have not had any better experience with ANY professional service than Dr. Wang provided for me, and it was about improving my vision! There are not to many things more important than that. If you are interested in the 3D LASIK procedure I highly recommend Dr. Ming Wang. He is a good man that cares for people and gives back to communities.

Gregg Shea

My wife had the procedure done a month ago and I accompanied her and witnessed how efficient their team is. I chose to have my cataracts done two weeks later. It was painless and lasted 20-25 minutes. I also have friends who have had theirs done and was very impressed! My future is looking very bright!

Nancy McElwan

I received the 3D Laser Forever Young Lens Surgery. The procedure was explained in great detail. Dr. Wang’s team was kind, considerate, and Dr. Wang was amazing. I feel very blessed (after three attempts to improve my vision by other doctors) to have learned about Dr. Wand and his talent.

Marianne Russell

From beginning to end, my experiences with Dr. Wang and his office have been great! My cataract removal went smoothly and efficiently, and the correction allowed my left eye to actually “see” a few letters that I could never see before! Dr. Wang and his staff are a blessing to Nashville and to many communities from which his patients come.


I was very uneasy about having cataract surgery but Dr. Wang and his staff were so professional and helpful that I had no more worries! WVI is the place to go for any kind of eye surgery. Thank you Dr. Wang and God bless you and what you’re doing for so many people. Your prayer for me made me realize I was in the right place.


I’m so blessed to have had Dr. Wang do my surgery on my eyes. He even called me, personally at 10:30pm to check in on me! If you have a need of LASIK, Cataract, or Forever young lens surgery, please contact Dr. Wang. Trust your eyes to the best!

Roy Alexander

Visiting the Wang Vision Institute will not only improve your vision, but will restore the way you view life as a whole!

Arthur Delk

Wang Vision Institute was a wonderful experience! I would tell anyone to come here. Its means so much to us that Arthur can see now. He had the 3D LASIK on a cataract. The recovery was short. We cannot thank Dr. Wang enough for his wonderful work!

Venus Savatong

It’s a life changing experience and I am glad I made the decision to get LASIK surgery. The waiting time wasn’t long and the staff and doctors were so genuine, patient, and very informative! I’m satisfied with my procedure!

Dale Thomas

There are truly no words to express what an amazing and life changing experience this has been for me. As a professional speaker for over 20 years, I make my living striving to make a difference. Dr. Wang has not only chosen a profession that changes people’s lives, he has found his calling and it is stamped on everything he does. Blessings to you Dr. Wang as you continue to make a difference in this world!

Lorrie McDonlad

Psalms 146:8 “The Lord openeth the eyes of the blind:” and in my case, He used Dr. Ming Wang to do it! My vision was considered “legally blind” before I had 3D LASIK surgery performed on March 25, 2016. Now? Today, Friday, March 26th 2016 my vision is 20/15 in both eyes! Thank you Lord for giving Dr. Wang the skill and wisdom to open the eyes of the blind, through your guidance. I also wanted to share how much I am enjoying the book, “The Darkness to Sight.” I am reading it out loud to my family. Every child in America should be made to read this book! Our youth are destroying incredible opportunities for their future because they do not understand the cost of freedom or how blessed we are in America. This book gives incredible insight into starting from practically nothing ($50 and knowing no one when he arrived here!) to becoming the most successful eye surgeon in the world! Dr. Wang is a very humble man and this book will give you a new appreciation for being born into the “Land of opportunity.” Thank you again, Dr. Wang!

Cindy Robinson

My name is Cindy Robison, and I have had vision problems since I was young. Starting out it was just bad astigmatism. As I aged, especially when I turned 40, my vision began to have multiple issues. I couldn’t see far way, nor at night, especially when there was rainy conditions. Most of my life I was told that there was nothing that could be done for me and that I was not a good candidate for LASIK because of my astigmatism. But then I met Dr. Wang! He performed 3D LASIK on my eyes and not only corrected my near and far sightedness, but corrected my astigmatism. He is a very compassionate doctor that takes pride in caring for all his patients!

Jeanne Woodard

The experience was great from when I walked in to when I left. I was here three hours and came out reading my phone. Dr. Wang was great and his staff!

Chuck Woodard

Before eye surgery I couldn’t read the phone book or anything small in letters. I came to Dr. Wang and got 3D LASIK in three to four hours after arriving I will be able to read the phonebook and a menu at a restaurant. So I am very overjoyed! I would recommend it to anyone who hates to keep up with glasses! Thank you!

Susan Paeth

I had the Forever Young Lens exchange about 10 months ago. It went very well but still needed a little fine tuning. Today I had the 3D LASIK….and am so glad I did! I can already see more clearly. Everything looks great! Dr. Wang and staff are wonderful! Thank you all!


I am so thankful for what the future has in store for me with my LASIK 3D surgery! No more glasses!