Q: I have Fuch's corneal dystrophy, and also cataracts, should I come to WVI?

A: Yes.

Regarding Fuch's corneal dystrophy, we specialize in that, and have published a textbook and performed new procedures (see here,<http://www.wangvisioninstitute.com/publications_corneal_dystrophies.html> and here<http://www.wangvisioninstitute.com/endothelial_cell_transplantation_to_treat_Fuch.html>).

Performing cataract surgery on a patient who has Fuch's corneal dystrophy is indeed more difficult, than on patients who do not have Fuch's, since the chance for corneal swelling afterwards and risk for corneal transplantation is higher in Fuch's patients. Because of our specialization in BOTH cataracts and Fuchs, we are currently an international referral center, for cataract surgery in Fuch's patients.