Q: I have map-dot-finger-print dystrophy, or EBMD, or recurrent corneal erosion, do you treat it?

A: Yes!

We do treat map-dot-finger-print corneal dystrophy, or alternatively it is called Epithelial Basement Membrane Disease (EBMD), or alternatively it is called recurrent corneal erosion.

1.      We are an international referral center for these corneal dystrophies.

2.      We published a comprehensive textbook on these corneal dystrophies (see here<http://www.wangvisioninstitute.com/publications_corneal_dystrophies.html>).

3.      The treatment is laser, Phototherapeutic Keratectomy (PTK, see here<http://www.wangvisioninstitute.com/ptk.html>).

4.      Most of the patients, after PTK, will need amniotic membrane contact lens (AMCL, which we invented, see here<http://www.wangvisioninstitute.com/amcl.html>), to cover the PTK-treated corneal surface, for a week or so, to optimize the healing.

5.      The treatment is medical, so the evaluation and the treatment (PRK, AMCL) will be submitted to insurance.