Q: What is keratoconus? Why Wang Vision is THE place to come, for the treatment of keratoconus?

A: Keratoconus is progressive sight loss due to the weakening of the corneal wall (so they sag forward over time). Traditionally, keratoconus is treated with either hard contact lens or major and risky corneal transplantation surgery.

-        Dr. Ming Wang, Harvard & MIT (MD); PhD (laser physics), a laser physicist, has been at the forefront in the world in the LASER treatment of keratoconus.

-        For 99% of our keratoconus patients at Wang Vision, we have been able to successfully AVOID corneal transplantation!

-        Wang Vision is an international referral center for keratoconus.


1.      Dr. Wang performed the FIRST laser Intacs procedure in the U.S. to treat the advanced form of keratoconus.

2.      Wang Vision is one of the U.S. FDA clinical trial centers for crosslinking, a new form of treatment for keratoconus.

3.      Dr. Wang published the seven textbooks in the keratoconus and related field.