Q: Why should I have my cataract surgery at Wang Vision?

A: Wang Vision is a national leader, in laser cataract surgery.

1.       High % of cataract surgeries performed with laser:

-          U.S. average: 5% (i.e., 95% still blade).

-          WVI: 99%.

2.       High % of cataract surgery with premium lens implanted:

-          U.S. average: 10%.

-          WVI: 70-80%.

3.       Top education/training of our cataract surgeons:

-          Dr. Wang: Harvard & MIT (MD); PhD (laser physics)

-          Dr. Frenkel: Tulane (MD); completed the #1 fellowship in the U.S. in MIGs.

4.       Number of procedures that we have done and our patients have come from around the world:

-          Over 55,000 (including on over 4,000 doctors).

-          Pts have come from over 40 states in the U.S. and 55 countries worldwide.