Ariel Cuautle

WVI was truly incredible, caring, and supportive! They worked with me to find the best plan and answered all my questions. Dr. Wang called me personally after surgery to see how I was doing.

Michael Redman

Awesome experience! Team was super helpful and took great care of me!

Peggy Francis

Surgery was very quick and easy and Dr. Wang was so caring as to even call me at home that night to check on me! Couldn’t be more pleased!

Patricia West

Dr. Wang did the LASIK for me in 2004. I have been his patient all these years and have just had cataract surgery. Everything went great! Words can’t express how lucky we are to have him in the Nashville area!

Keith Bilbrey

Very happy to have eyes corrected by Dr. Wang! Now I can pass the drivers vision test again! I am very thankful that my husband had Dr. Wang as his doctor. I felt very confident and sure all would go well. Dr. Ming Wang seems to go above and beyond to avoid or mitigate any risks. A lot of pre-op and post-op drops that other cataract surgeon’s don’t seem to bother with. I appreciate his attention to detail.

Anne Frisby

Forever Young Lens Cataract surgery experience is almost indescribable. My recommendation for anyone needing cataract surgery is to make an appointment with Dr. Wang. I am very pleased with the results!

Cheryl Settle

My experience at Dr. Wang’s was amazing! The staff was great to work with! The surgery center experience was top notch! They explained every detail to me before I went into surgery. Dr. Wang also explained everything ahead of time and as the surgery was going on. At the end of the surgery, Dr. Wang said “God was with us”, which was a reassuring thought.

Ernest Thompson

My friend Lewis Napier had the service and was very happy with it. I decided to have the surgery and am very pleased with it. I would gladly recommend it for anyone. The staff and Dr. Wang are very pleasant and considerate. I’m very pleased.

Fonda Cantrell

The experience at WVI is the finest experience in healthcare that I have ever had. Not only are we achieving a favorable outcome, the process has been exceptional. The team guides the patient seamlessly through the maze of healthcare delivery. The WVI team is professional, courteous, and efficient. The bar of satisfaction is extremely high. A patient might pay a little more for Ming Wang, however the outcome and my experience at WVI has been worth it. The 3D Laser Forever Young lens is already changing my life. Thanks to Dr. Wang’s right hand (Eric and Scott)

Dave Clark

My name is David Clark and yesterday Dr. Wang operated on my right eye. I was severely injured at Vietnam and lost the sight in my left eye. The treatment I received from Dr. Wang and his staff was the best you could receive. They were all so caring and helpful. I was especially impressed with Dr. Wang before, during, and after the procedure. Before he started we prayed which gave me great comfort. During the procedure he told me what he was doing and checked on me after surgery with a phone call that night. I would recommend anyone come to see him and I am very happy with the results.