Thomas Locke

My dad had an awesome experience at WVI. He had the 3D laser Forever Young Lens surgery. All of the staff were extremely nice and efficient!

Susan Byers

I recently had Kamra inlay surgery with Dr. Wang in Nashville, TN. I had a very positive experience with Dr. Wang’s office and was greatly impressed with all of the office staff. The actual procedure took about 15 minutes and while it was uncomfortable, it was not painful. I am looking forward to improvement in my vision for reading. I would definitely recommend Dr. Wang to anyone that needs help with vision needs.

Jordan Vance

I was terrified of having LASIK surgery, but signed up at one of Dr. Wang’s seminars. I was fortunate I won one of the grand prize drawings so I made myself follow through. The day of, my stomach was in knots! Once I got to Dr> Wang’s office the staff kept me busy and put me at ease. Dr. Rock, Beth, Scott, James, Haley, and Eric all had great personalities and answered all my questions. They were a blessing! The actual procedure was completed in about two minutes. I didn’t feel anything. I had some discomfort about three hours afterwards, but my eyes were much, much better the next morning. I’m very excited about the furture and getting to look at life in a different perspective. If you are considering corrective surgery, make an appointment with WVI! You’ll be glad you did!

Carl Hooper

I really was apprehensive about LASIK surgery. I didn’t know how it would turn out. When I went in for surgery, the staff was helpful and friendly. Dr. Wang was very informative about what he was going to do. Right before the procedure, Dr. Wang prayed with me. This was important to me being a Christian. It was refreshing and it made me feel better. The procedure went well and the results were fantastic. I am very pleased and I would recommend Dr> Wang if one is in the need for LASIK or any other eye procedure. He’s very courteous and professional.


I finally did it! I just had 3d Lasik surgery to correct my vision and now I have 20/20 vision for distance! First time in years I can see without glasses!!!

Macy Phillips

This is my second procedure with Dr. Wang and both of my experiences have been nothing short of amazing. Life without contacts and glasses is wonderful! I can’t express how thankful I am to Dr. Wang and his staff. Every morning when I wake up and see, I will thank GOD and remember you all in my prayers!

Cynthia Seagroves

After visiting a seminar about WVI, I received a certificate for the free evaluation and also won the grand prize for half off any necessary procedure. I’m so glad I did! As it turned out, I had astigmatism and was eligible for 3D LASIK. I could tell a difference the next day and it will only get better! Thank you Dr. Wang and everyone at WVI, with the only 3D LASIK procedure in TN!

Bethany Mullins

My experience with Dr. Wang was excellent from start to finish! The staff was pleasant and professional and made me as comfortable as possible for the duration of all of my exams and the procedure itself. Even after only one day I can tell these results will be life changing for me! A great experience!

Gretchen Hancock

The experience I had at WVI was better than I ever expected! I was extremely nervous about having LASIK done but every person that I came in contact with at the clinic was very helpful and made me feel at home. I would recommend Dr. Wang ad his team for anyone looking at having LASIK. My results were better than I ever could’ve dreamed or hoped for. I am forever grateful to Dr. Wang for changing my life!

Holley Stearnes

I had an amazing experience at WVI. Dr. Wang and his great staff were so helpful with answering any questions that I had. I can’t say enough good things about my experience there. I suggest anyone getting LASIK surgery to do it with Dr. Wang. He is the best of the best!